As a video journalist, I've covered everything from entrepreneurship, to religion, to ocean science. I focus on easily shareable 1-3 minute online videos.



  • The Atlantic

  • Quartz

  • Vox

  • BBC

  • The New York Times

  • Columbia University

  • The Chicago Tribune

  • Inc.


During the 2016 Olympics, I explored the question of how Olympics records keep getting beat. This video garnered more than 10 million views for Quartz, and was comprised mostly of archive footage.

I shot this video about Linda Sarsour and her brand of Muslim feminism for the women's lifestyle site Refinery29.

In one of my most eye-opening projects, I got to illustrate the research of a doctoral candidate at GWU who explored the influence of video games and western pop culture on ISIL's recruitment techniques.

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I was lucky to be able to attend and document the Muslim funeral, or janazah, of Muhammad Ali. The result was one of the most widely shared videos of the janazah.

I was able to break this story on Suhaib Webb and one of the newest ways of issuing fatwas: Snapchat. After this video was released, the story was covered by several other news outlets, including The Washington Post, The New York Times, and The Huffington Post. It was even the reason for one of The New York Times' most ridiculous corrections. (See this link)

A mix of video and motion graphics on how to cheat sleep using a polyphasic sleep schedule.

An 8-minute documentary on modest fashion I completed in 2015 for The Atlantic. A longer 23-minute version can be found on Alchemiya.

A small profile on the world-renowned calligrapher Mohamed Zakariya.

For the holiday season, I was asked by Quartz to represent Muslim gift-giving traditions. That's when I realized the strong tradition of feeding and gifiting food in Islam. The video visually represents some of the Muslim holiday food traditions from around the world.

Why are perfume ads so weird? This video explores why perfume ads have all of the cliches that they do.